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Singapore Proposes Internet Privacy Guidelines, Content Labeling

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Singapore Proposes Internet Privacy Guidelines, Content Labeling


"7 In support of greater industry self-regulation, the NIAC (NATIONAL
INTERNET ADVISORY COMMITTEE ) recommends adopting the following three-stage

Stage 1 - Labeling of Web sites

8 The NIAC noted that the number of local websites has been growing
rapidly. To help parents and consumers make informed choices about what
they and their
children are accessing, the NIAC recommends that the local industry label
their websites by adopting internationally recognised PICs (Platform for
Internet Content
Selection)-compliant content classification systems such as that developed
by the Recreational Software Advisory Council (RSAC). The NIAC further
Content and Service Providers to actively participate in developing and
promoting the usage of such classification systems as this would allow
users to determine and
control the type of Internet content they want to access.

Stage 2 - Industry Code of Practice

9 The NIAC notes that in countries like the US, UK, Australia and Hong
Kong, the industry plays a major role in maintaining standards on the
Internet. The NIAC
recommends that a task force be set up by key industry players such as the
Singapore IT Federation and the Internet Service Providers to study the
Industry Codes Of
Practice in other countries and come up with a Code for the Singapore
industry to implement as part of an overall industry effort to complement
SBA's Internet Code of

Stage 3 - Industry Accreditation Body

10 Finally, the NIAC recommends that the industry set up an accreditation
body to administer the Industry Code of Practice and labeling of web sites.
The industry
should itself determine the membership of the accreditation body and the
mechanics of this self-regulatory mechanism. They should also take into
account factors such as
developing a responsive mechanism for feedback from users and the public,
effective enforcement procedures and measures, as well as funding needs."

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