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Metadata activities in the medical field

From: Gunther Eysenbach, MD <Gunther.Eysenbach@derma.med.uni-erlangen.de>
Date: Tue, 01 Dec 1998 19:18:04 -0500
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From: "Gunther Eysenbach, MD" <Gunther.Eysenbach@derma.med.uni-erlangen.de>
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Subject: Metadata activities in the medical field
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you might be interested in a set of articles discussing the use of PICS
(or medPICS, respectively, see http://medpics.org) or other/similar
metadata technologies in the medical field, published in the British
Medical Journal. 

The main article is 

Eysenbach G, Diepgen TL. Towards quality management of medical
information on the internet:
evaluation, labelling, and filtering of information. BMJ

surrounded by three commentaries and one editorial.

Next year, I and a number of other medical institutions from around the
globe will try to get some funding from the EU (within their "illegal
and harmful content on the Internet" framwork) for launching a project
on assigning metadata to medical information on the World-Wide-Web.
Details will be posted on the medPICS-Website (http://medpics.org).

Kind regards

G. Eysenbach MD
Head, Unit for Cybermedicine, University Heidelberg
(at the moment still University Erlangen)

PS: note to the person in charge for the PICS-pages on the w3.org
server: Could you perhaps put links to the BMJ-articles and to the
medpics.org website.
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Towards quality management of medical information on the internet: 
evaluation, labelling, and filtering of information
     Gunther Eysenbach, Thomas L Diepgen, J A Muir Gray, Maurizio Bonati, 
     Piero Impicciatore, Chiara Pandolfini, and Subbiah Arunachalam
     BMJ 1998 317(7171): p. 1496-1502

Information epidemics, economics, and immunity on the internet
     Enrico Coiera
     BMJ 1998 317(7171): p. 1469-1470

Appraisal of internet medical information is needed
     BMJ 1998 317(7171): p. 0f

Alert Criteria
	Anywhere in Article: eysenbach

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