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Invitation to 1st PICS Developers Conference

From: Jim Miller <jmiller@martigny.ai.mit.edu>
Date: Sun, 2 Jun 96 07:30:23 -0400
Message-Id: <9606021130.AA02251@www10.w3.org>
To: pics-developers@w3.org, pics-info@w3.org, vac-wg@nic.nasa.gov
(My apologies to those who receive this more than once.  In order to
be as inclusive as possible I am resending it to additional email

The World Wide Web Consortium is pleased to invite you to the first
PICS Developers Conference, to be held on June 20 and 21, 1996 at MIT
in Cambridge, Ma.  Please see the full invitation at
http://w3.org/PICS/invite.htm for more information about the
conference and registration procedures.  Excerpt from the invitation:

     June 20: Planning for future protocol development.

     The most important point of discussion will be whether and how to
     specify ways for clients to ask search engines to take into
     account their preferences. For example, clients may want to
     search for materials that are labeled as having high educational
     value. They may also want to search for pictures, but not to
     receive any links to pictures labeled as containing nudity. The
     existing specifications do not include any standard mechanisms
     for making such requests.

     June 21: Interoperability testing.

     We will have some facilities available for running software,
     either locally or remotely, and comparing results. This will also
     be a chance to make personal contact with vendors from other
     companies in order to arrange partnerships and private
     interoperability testing.

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