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5/29 TLS Meeting Agenda Proposal

From: Tom Stephens <tomste@microsoft.com>
Date: Tue, 28 May 1996 09:42:39 -0700
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The following is a proposed agenda for the 5/29 meeting based upon
postings to this list and emails I have received.  I would suggest that
the actual agenda be created during the first hour or so of the meeting
on 5/29.  This will give the attendees a chance to propose and
prioritize topics so that keys issues are dealt with during the brief
time we have.

I have also arranged to have Bruce Schneier attend the meeting as a
moderator so as to free up the meeting attendees to fully concentrate on
the discussions instead of the mechanics on keeping the meeting on

Proposed agenda

1.  Proposed topics for discussion. The could include, among others: 

	One or multiple protocols?  HannaH
	Basis of the new protocol(s)?  SSL 3.0?  SSL 3.1?
	Password authentication
	Handshake recognition
	Certificates (multiple topics)
	Pluggable and independently negotiated algorithms
	Pre-encrypted data
	Error reporting improvement

4.  Prioritize topics/features to be discussed.

5.  Review each topic/proposed feature (in order of priority).  Attempt
to reach a consensus as to the appropriateness of the feature in the
proposed protocol.

6.  Decide upon an editor(s) to collect the recommendations of the
group, create a draft protocol, and post to the list for discussion
before the Montreal meeting of the IETF.

Again, the 5/29 TLS meeting is scheduled to be held at:

Garden Court Hotel
520 Cowper Street (between Hamilton and University)
Palo Alto, California


Meeting Room:  Grove III Room

Complementary valet parking is provided for meeting attendees.


0800 - 0830, Continental breakfast
0830 - 1200, Morning session
1200 - 1300, Lunch
1300 - 1500, Early afternoon session
1500 - 1530, Late afternoon session/wrap-up

Tom Stephens
Received on Tuesday, 28 May 1996 12:56:11 UTC

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