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RE: May 29th Meeting

From: Tom Stephens <tomste@microsoft.com>
Date: Thu, 23 May 1996 09:27:16 -0700
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I hope to post a list of proposed discussion topics within the next
couple of days.  This list will be compiled from the topics raised on
this list to date.  If you or anyone else wishes to suggest topics for
discussion which have not yet been posted to the list, then please post
your suggestions and I will incorporate them into the document.  On the
morning of 5/29, the meeting attendees can decide which of the topics
should be addressed at the meeting given the limited amount of time we
have available to us.

Garden Court Hotel
520 Cowper Street
Palo Alto, California

Telephone: 415-322-9000

0800 - 0830, Continental breakfast
0830 - 1200, Morning session
1200 - 1300, Lunch
1300 - 1500, Early afternoon session
1500 - 1530, Afternoon break
1530 - 1700, Late afternoon session/wrap-up

>From: 	Mark C. Davis ((919)254-7865)[SMTP:davismc@vnet.ibm.com]
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>To: 	Tom Stephens
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>Subject: 	Re: May 29th Meeting
>Two questions about the meeting on May 29:
>1. Do you have particular expectations of the participants?  For
>   you might expect them to have read the 4/8 Microsoft paper and be
>   familiar with SSL V2, SSL V3, and PC V1 specifications.  How about
>   V2?  Hannah?  A list such as used by recent W3C Security work group
>   meetings might be useful to avoid making it a grand education
>2. Do you have an agenda?  Or a prioritized list of discussion topics?
>   Looking at the notes that preceeded the announcement of this meeting
>   does not help much.  (I have some ideas, you may have a different
>Thanks - Mark
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