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Re: proposed charter for TLS working group

From: Eric Murray <ericm@lne.com>
Date: Tue, 7 May 1996 15:38:33 -0700 (PDT)
Message-Id: <199605072238.PAA17720@slack.lne.com>
To: tomste@microsoft.com (Tom Stephens)
Cc: ietf-tls@w3.org
Tom Stephens writes:
> Christopher,
> Microsoft is fully committed to STLP.  

By 'STLP' do you mean "Microsoft's proposal" or "the eventual
standard that the TLS working group produces"?

"STLP" has become overloaded- some people take it mean Microsoft's
"strawman", others are using it as the name of the standard
that this group is discussing.

I'd like to suggest that we use a diferent name for the standard
that the working group is supposed to produce.  I have been
calling it "TLS", I would like to propose that we call it that.
Using a name that is not owned by any corporate entity should
reduce the amount of political manouvering that is going on.
> Two weeks ago I posted to this alias an invitation for all interested
> parties to meet and develop a draft which could be presented to this
> working group at Montreal.  I make that proposal again.  Would you be
> willing to be in the San Francisco Bay Area during the week of 5/27 (
> time and location can be announced this week) and resolve the issues you
> and the others on this alias have raised?  This would seem to be the
> fastest, most efficient way of meeting the aggressive timeline that has
> been proposed.

While I applaud your willingness to meet and to accomplish
things, I'm not sure that calling a meeting like this doesn't
voliate the spirit of the IETF.  Only a few of the people who
have an interest in the working-group would be able to attend.
I think it would be more in keeping with the spirit of the IETF to 
do as much as possible via the mailing list, where all can participate.

Having said that, if there's a meeting in the bay area I won't miss it.

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