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Re: issues with the charter

From: Paul Hoffman <paulh@imc.org>
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 1996 08:58:08 -0700
Message-Id: <v03006608ada3fe0adacc@[]>
To: ietf-tls@w3.org
>1. security protocols for UDP

I'm willing to not have it in the first product of this group, but I
strongly believe that it should be considered when making that product.
That is, if a secure solution can include UDP, it should; if it can't, a
way to clone much of the work for UDP should be considered. If UDP prevents
a secure solution at this layer, we can still rely on secure IP. I think
the wording in the charter is good enough on this, but if our first
document ignores UDP, it will not be as strong as if we at least consider

>2. producing a requirements document beyond the charter

I am sure we will need a requirements list that the WG agrees on. We may
not need to turn this into a formal document, but from the already (and
unnecessarily) heated discussion, it is clear that not everyone agrees on
the requirements list. This doesn't have to be a charter item, but without
such a list, I think we'll not get very much past one or two starting

>3. migration from existing protocols

Agree: we don't want to deal with this as a WG.

>4. relation to proxies

This should be part of the document we produce. As both the SSL and PCT
folks have discovered, relation to proxies is non-trivial. We don't have to
create a solution that works wonderfully with all of today's proxies, but
we do have to take proxies into account in our document and deliniate how
they should deal with tunnelling and so on. I believe that this is
important enough to be a charter item.

>5. relevance of port numbers

This could be one or two paragraphs, and doesn't have to be in the charter.

>6. multiplexing connections over a single secure connection

Not a charter item, but one that could come later.
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