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Re: HTTP/3 Prioritization Proposal

From: Lucas Pardue <lucaspardue.24.7@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2019 12:07:14 +0900
Message-ID: <CALGR9oaV8TBjJT0De9isP5ZV8EsLvtJwvXOA8eFk5K+qT2iHRw@mail.gmail.com>
To: Patrick Meenan <patmeenan@gmail.com>
Cc: Amos Jeffries <squid3@treenet.co.nz>, HTTP Working Group <ietf-http-wg@w3.org>
On Wed, 30 Jan 2019, 08:47 Patrick Meenan <patmeenan@gmail.com

> My proposal explicitly allowed for that with the "no cuncurrency" groups
> which transfer resources sequentially by stream ID using 100% of the
> bandwidth. The ordering is based on the order requested (which is normally
> the order they are in the document as discovered by the parser) and if
> something needs to jump ahead it can be given a higher priority bin.

With H3 we need to be slightly careful, IMO requests will be handled in the
order of (received  + QPACK dependencies resolved). The removal of
exclusive is a logical concession.  Current priority language allows for
PRIORITY to be sent before the HEADERS on a request stream. This alleviates
some client concerns but not all.

The number of placeholders is a QUIC varint. The number of requests in a
connection is limited by stream ID ( varint modulo 4). It might be possible
to implement a Dmitri's tree design bit whether is logical is a different


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