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Re: Review of Content-Encoding: value token

From: Roy T. Fielding <fielding@gbiv.com>
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2009 12:01:17 -0800
Message-Id: <BD09CE83-DF84-44FC-B5BC-DFFECC6FAF93@gbiv.com>
Cc: ietf-http-wg@w3.org
To: Carine Bournez <carine@w3.org>

On Jan 21, 2009, at 11:13 AM, Carine Bournez wrote:

> Dear HTTPbis Working Group,
> The Efficient XML Interchange (EXI) Working Group is seeking advice  
> and
> review of a proposal for a new registered HTTP content coding token
> called "exi".
> The EXI Working Group has discussed the content type management  
> issue and
> is suggesting to use a Content-Encoding, whenever possible, in order
> to retain the original XML or XML-based media type (e.g. xhtml, rdf,
> svg...). We also register a fallback "application/exi" media type, for
> the protocols that have no Content-Encoding capability.

No, it doesn't qualify as a content encoding or transfer encoding.
It is not decoded to the original type.  It is just another media type.
If you want to retain the original type (I have no idea why), then
put it in a parameter.  E.g., application/exi;orig="svg"

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