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Re: Sketch of a very simple identification protocol

From: Arturo 'Buanzo' Busleiman <buanzo@buanzo.com.ar>
Date: Wed, 02 Apr 2008 12:24:08 -0300
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Lisa Dusseault wrote:
| But since I don't run a DNS server and don't pay GoDaddy to run one for
| me, I'd rather the information about these related resources be in an
| HTTP resource somewhere -- that's a technology I do have access to.

Sounds like a very simple, yet concrete and useful, approach.

| We do have a bootstrap problem, but to a certain extent that can be solved
| with well-known naming conventions.  Just like spiders recognize
| "robots.txt" today, there's a good chance that robots or other automated
| agents can recognize a well-known file name for information that
| advertises services.

I'd use a very simply formatted XML file... like...

<person name='lisa' sex='female' location='California, USA' blah='blah'>
	<category type='personal'>
		<item type='blog' title='Lisa&amp;s Blog' url='http://lisa.blogspot.com' />
		<item type='album' title='Lisa&amp;s Pictures' url='http://pictures.com/lisa' />
	<category type='professional'>
		<item blahblah />
		<item blahblah />
	<category type='academic'>
		<item blahblah />
		<item blahblah />

Then the browser could query for this file and show an icon to display 'identification info for the
host' or something...

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