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Re: i37 - Vary and non-existant headers

From: Bjoern Hoehrmann <derhoermi@gmx.net>
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2007 07:13:08 +0100
To: Adrien de Croy <adrien@qbik.com>
Cc: 'HTTP Working Group' <ietf-http-wg@w3.org>
Message-ID: <a02lj3tvkqf8373loti31ka7jpiv8hk2ok@hive.bjoern.hoehrmann.de>

* Adrien de Croy wrote:
>How can you know for sure that a client has a capability when the client 
>doesn't advertise it in that particular request?  How can the 
>server/proxy/cache even know it's the same client, or going through the 
>same request chain?  (e.g. load-balancing through a heterogenous proxy 
>farm) If it's from a previous request advertising some capability, why 
>would a sane client arbitrarily (?) decide to cease advertising that 
>capability if in fact it's still available?

Well I was really asking what change you would like to see. There are
three paragraphs dealing with the lack of Accept-Encoding, are you pro-
posing to replace all of them by saying, if you can send it without any
encoding, then you must send it without any encoding if A-E is missing?
Or would you go even further and prohibit sending an encoded body even
if the server cannot send an unencoded body (you'd send 406 instead)?
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