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Re: pipelined client/server behaviour

From: Jamie Lokier <jamie@shareable.org>
Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2007 19:31:42 +0100
To: "Roy T. Fielding" <fielding@gbiv.com>
Cc: "ietf-http-wg@w3.org Group" <ietf-http-wg@w3.org>
Message-ID: <20070401183142.GA25873@mail.shareable.org>

Roy T. Fielding wrote:
> <rant>The real problem with HTTP pipelining, though, is that it is
> a horrible idea to try to duplicate TCP at the application layer.
> If the people-in-charge hadn't been in such a hurry to blame HTTP
> for everything bad happening to the Internet in 1994, they would
> probably have realized that it made far more sense to fix
> the semantic errors in TCP that prevent the sharing of window
> sizes and setup information across multiple connections from the
> same peers.  Sure, it would have taken some time to deploy such
> a change across enough servers for it to make a difference, but
> it would have fixed all sorts of denial-of-service vulnerabilities
> at the same time as removing the need for HTTP to get into the
> business of connection management, MUXing, etc.  TCP is a hard
> problem that should only be solved once in the stack.</rant>

Isn't that now addressed by SCTP, and it's portable fudge, SCTP-over-UDP?

-- Jamie
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