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Image Caching on pages served through httpS

From: Jose Adriano Baltieri <jabaltie@unimep.br>
Date: Wed, 01 Dec 2004 15:15:19 -0200
Message-ID: <41ADFC27.8010107@unimep.br>
To: ietf-http-wg@w3.org

Hello !

A page of mine contains hits to several images. This page itself is 
loaded through httpS and so are the images inside it because if  not, 
browser may complain that the page is requesting unsecure items.

Then, the page loads OK  but, I've noticed that all of these images are 
not being cached, what causes a lot of hits to my server.

This is the page I'm talking about :


I also have another site, development one, which is a clone of the real 
one except that it doesnt have SSL. On this other server, same software, 
same pages etc, images are cached !

If I grab one of these images URLs and load it manually, browser do 
caches it, even when SSL is used. This URL is the same specified inside 
the original page, except that the browser now caches it.

So, when this image is loaded from the page request, it's not cached. 
When its loaded manually, it is cached. My conclusion : loading the 
image from the SSL page causes it not to be cached.

Is my conclusion OK ? Is there something I can do to "force" images to 
be cached, even if the page is not ?

Thanks in advance for your support !


                  Jose Adriano Baltieri - Analista de Sistemas
                  DTI - CENTRO - UNIMEP - Universidade Metodista de Piracicaba
                  PIRACICABA - SP - Brasil - Fone : (19) 3124-1858
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