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http-authentication-01 comments

From: <rlgray@raleigh.ibm.com>
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998 15:15:40 EST
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It would be _really_ nice to have a format other than plain text,
hint, hint.  I doubt you compose this in notepad, and change bars are
extremly helpful for last-call reviews, and the previous version had
alternate formats.

Section 3.6, Proxy-Authentication and Proxy-Authorization, references
these headers as 10.30 and 10.31.  In RFC 2068 and the current
draft (-03), this is 14.33 and 14.34.  Also, it makes reference to "as
defined above in section 2.1", which does not exist.

HTTP-03 Section 14.33 says:
"Proxy-Authenticate SHOULD NOT be passed on"
AUTH-01 1.2 says:
"Both the Proxy-Authenticate and the Proxy-Authorization header fields
are hop-by-hop headers" (but HTTP-03 section 13.5.1 has no normative
requirements on existing hop-by-hop headers)
AUTH-01 3.6 says:
"...Proxy-Authenticate... must not be passed on by proxies"

The note that comprises the last paragraph of 3.6 applies to basic

Richard L. Gray
will code for chocolate
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