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Re: HTTP Interoperability Test 12-4

From: Life is hard... and then you die. <Ronald.Tschalaer@psi.ch>
Date: Fri, 05 Dec 1997 09:30:46 +0100
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> At 12:07 12/2/97 -0500, Scott Lawrence wrote:
> >  The fifth HTTP/1.1 Multi-Vendor Internet Test Day is Dec 4.
> Is this going on now - how can I contribute?

Sign up next week. Scott sends out a list of those participating to all
participants the day before the test. Then try to find any bugs you
Not that many clients have participated so far, so I think the server
folks would be especially happy if you participated.

I'd like to add some long overdue good words for the tests here (and
of course many thanx to Scott for organizing them). I've been able to
eliminate a number of bugs in my client, and there've been a few in most
servers. I take it as a good sign that most problems have been
implementation bugs, but nevertheless the tests have turned up at least
one protocol problem (which has been solved).

Note that no proxies have been involved in the tests (at least, not that
I was aware of) so this is one area of the spec which could use some

> I have libwww ready to handle
> trailers and TE and so if anybody want to test the fastest client on the
> market ;-) for pipelining then I would be happy to try it out.

I've got my client ready too - now I'm waiting for a server to implement
the trailers and TE (at least I didn't find anything during the tests
included trailers or the Trailer header). Any servers out there sending


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