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Re: HTTP/1.1 ISSUE: TRAILER_FIELDS - Proposed Resolution

From: Ross Patterson <Ross_Patterson@ns.reston.vmd.sterling.com>
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 97 14:24:54 EST
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In all the discussion of trailers and which "headers" (hmm, I guess we
need a new term) are acceptable in the trailer, I haven't seen anything
about conflicts between and normalization of header headers and trailer
headers.  The HTTP 1.1 spec is silent, leading me to believe that a
there is no material difference between a header appearing twice in the
header section and a header appearing in both the header and trailer
sections.  Put differently, any comma-separated list of elements in a
header can be split into several headers, with some preceeding the
encoded entity body and some following it.

Is this what others understand as well?  It seems a little odd to me, but
it is consistent with the rest of the spec.

Ross Patterson
Sterling Software, Inc.
VM Software Division
Received on Thursday, 20 November 1997 11:36:23 UTC

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