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Re: Quality factors

From: Graham Klyne <GK@acm.org>
Date: Sun, 12 Oct 1997 21:00:16 +0100
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To: "Martin J. Dürst" <mduerst@ifi.unizh.ch>
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At 11:19 AM 10/10/97 +0100, Martin J. Dürst wrote:
>On Thu, 9 Oct 1997, Graham Klyne wrote:
>> In private discussions, it has been suggested to me that language issues
>> are a poor basis upon which to develop a "quality" rating system -- there
>> is just too much subjectivity involved.

>In conclusion, I guess it is fair to say that a "quality" rating
>system that is developed ONLY on the basis of language issues
>will not be a good solution. But a "quality" rating system that
>ignores language issues will probably be as bad, if not worse.

I think that is a fair comment.

>Also, there might be some drawing in Postscript that doesn't show
>well in HTML, or some important link or form in HTML that isn't
>as convenient in Postscript, and the human end user may not know
>what is more important to him/her until he has looked at one
>(or both!) versions of the document. So how should the arithmetic
>be able to figure this out :-?

I think that captures the sense in which it was put to me that arithmetic
has limited value for combining quality factors.


Graham Klyne
Received on Sunday, 12 October 1997 13:05:37 UTC

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