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Re: some thoughts on extensions on REQUEST line.

From: Albert Lunde <albert-lunde@nwu.edu>
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 1997 22:35:30 CDT
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>       So, my thought was to add a line of info, which will provide 
>       the language of preference and geographical location if 
>       provided by the request originator (If browsers can extract 
>       this info from user's preferences). This information can 
>       be used by the 'site's to automatically redirect the request
>       to appropriate page which will serve the proper pages.

Language preferences are a part of http and html, and html
markup has been defined to address some internationalization

Multilingual sites like you describe are not universal, but
they are possible with some clients and servers available today.

Geographic location, so far as I know, hasn't been a widely
considered factor in the more general issue of content negotiation.

I suppose it might help implement an Internet pizza server ;)

There are privacy issues around both location and language.
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