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Re: Last-Modified in chunked footer

From: Maurizio Codogno <mau@beatles.cselt.it>
Date: Fri, 5 Sep 1997 18:37:07 +0200 (MET DST)
Message-Id: <199709051637.SAA19470@beatles.cselt.it>
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% There is a set of headers which clients need to have before the
% entity body arrives.  There is a set of headers which servers 
% can only calculate after the entity body has been served.   

% The bad news is there does not seem to be a one sentence
% characterization of either set.

the ones above *are* one-sentence characterizations :-), even if not
usable in practice....

Speaking seriously:
Would it be useful to use a placeholder like (atend) in PostScript
so that we can say "if a header can be calculated only after the 
entity body has been served, the server SHOULD use a header
of the form 
    <header-line> : (atend)
and repeat the header line with the correct value after the body",
or it's just a useless burden?

ciao, .mau.
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