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Re: Interoperability Event

From: Scott Lawrence <lawrence@agranat.com>
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 1997 14:49:31 -0400
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SDL> As I noted in my last note, a few of us have publicized the
SDL> locations of 1.1 origin servers that may be used for testing by
SDL> anyone (we log the Server line from requests to our server, but we
SDL> don't talk with anyone about the specifics of what we see).  We've
SDL> all seen postings here resulting from various people doing testing
SDL> with them.  I've asked for publicly usable 1.1 proxies and not
SDL> gotten any response.

  Having checked with my boss, I can now do this one better.  Any
  vendor interested in doing interoperability testing with our 1.1
  origin server anonymously _off_ the Internet should contact me.  I
  can produce a binary version of our server that we can provide you
  to experiment with.  All we ask is that:

  - You don't give it to anyone else.

  - Any problems you find with it you tell us, and only us (if we
    disagree about whether or not something is a problem we can bring
    the question to this list together).

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