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Re: Case (in)sensitivity in (Non-)Compliance headers

From: Jeffrey Mogul <mogul@pa.dec.com>
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 97 12:20:23 MDT
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Ross Patterson writes:

    The examples imply that compliance-namespace is to be treated in a
    case-insensitive manner, although that isn't stated anywhere.  I
    hate to keep harping on this issue, but living in the mainframe
    world where upper case tends to be the default for such things, I
    keep finding examples of case-insensitive tokens being handled as
    if they were always lower case (e.g., media types in HTTP
    Content-Type headers by at least one of the Big Two browsers).

If you look at RFC, section 2.1 (Augmented BNF), you'll find this

	 Quotation marks surround literal text. Unless stated otherwise,
	      the text is case-insensitive.
I.e., anywhere in the HTTP specification, if the BNF includes a
quoted literal, that literal is supposed to be case-insensitive.

However, since I didn't give a formal BNF for the compliance-namespace
values, and the set could be extended in the future, I agree that it's
worth stating this (case-insensitivity) explicitly.

And I'll also include a BNF for the RFC and HDR namespaces.  (Per
Henrik's comments, I'm removing the "PEP" namespace from the next

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