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Re: Refresh, non-standard headers

From: Ross Patterson <Ross_Patterson@ns.reston.vmd.sterling.com>
Date: Tue, 8 Jul 97 13:17:39 EDT
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touch@ISI.EDU writes:

>Non-standard headers MUST be ignored by the client (browser).
>(if this isn't in a document somewhere, it should be by now)

It's covered, although with a limitation on what role these non-standard
header fields can play.  RFC 2068 section 4.5 "General Header Fields"

  "General-header field names can be extended reliably only in
   combination with a change in the protocol version. However, new or
   experimental header fields may be given the semantics of general
   header fields if all parties in the communication recognize them to
   be general-header fields.  Unrecognized header fields are treated as
   entity-header fields."

And later, section 7.1 "Entity Header Fields" says:

         "entity-header  = [...]
                         | extension-header

          extension-header = message-header

   The extension-header mechanism allows additional entity-header fields
   to be defined without changing the protocol, but these fields cannot
   be assumed to be recognizable by the recipient. Unrecognized header
   fields SHOULD be ignored by the recipient and forwarded by proxies."

Ross Patterson
Sterling Software, Inc.
VM Software Division
Received on Tuesday, 8 July 1997 10:21:42 UTC

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