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Re: HTTP/1.1 & Proxies

From: Josh Cohen <josh@netscape.com>
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 1997 01:50:20 -0700 (PDT)
To: Larry Masinter <masinter@parc.xerox.com>
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> We may well want to define what OPTIONS is actually good for
> (since otherwise, we might as well take it out), but for the
> particular issue at hand, which is 'finding broken HTTP/1.0'
> servers, it's not clear OPTIONS will do a lot of good.
It isnt just testing for 'brokenness'.
It would be legitimate for a proxy which is 1.1, but
doesnt support something which is OPTIONAL or a MAY
in the spec.  This is the type of thing that comes
to mind with OPTIONS

> Unless we really hustle, it will be hard to add
> <do you comply with> <rfc2109>
> without leaving out some perfectly reasonable HTTP/1.1
> proxies that just didn't get to this new OPTIONS feature.
> And, of course, it won't be RFC 2109 any more.
That was just an example.
But, that shows a good point for OPTIONS or PEP, because
you might want to know which cookie spec you support
Yes, proxies dont do cookies, but they will, there is a 
draft for proxy-cookies floating around.
Things like that are not part of the 1.1 spec, but 
you want to still be able to find out if it is supported.

> > I see it in a similar light as TCN, except for communications options
> > or parameters instead of object attributes or languages.
> I'm confused about what OPTIONS gives you that PEP doesn't
> do more broadly. Or is it that you don't think we need
> PEP but OPTIONS is OK?

This raises the question of wether or not we should
make these 'extras' like the whle 305/306 issue just 
PEP modules and not part of the 'base' spec.

> Larry
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> http://www.parc.xerox.com/masinter

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