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Re: NUDGE: Our piece on Host: and URLs (Fwd)

From: Roy T. Fielding <fielding@kiwi.ICS.UCI.EDU>
Date: Sun, 11 May 1997 19:17:40 -0700
To: Josh Cohen <josh@netscape.com>
Cc: Benjamin Franz <snowhare@netimages.com>, http-wg@cuckoo.hpl.hp.com
Message-Id: <9705111922.aa04985@paris.ics.uci.edu>
X-Mailing-List: <http-wg@cuckoo.hpl.hp.com> archive/latest/3245
>> The answer to your problem is the same I gave last time this question was
>> discussed: if you don't want ambiguous results, don't use ambiguous URLs.
>What if we create another reponse code, which means
>40X "Request Ambiguous" ie please be more specific..

What would that gain?  The application can't be any less ambiguous.
The server should be capable of either

   1) using the URL path info to disambiguate the request and
      return a redirect
   2) return a default page that lists the virtual hosts and explains
      to the user that they need to choose one.

The first is 301; the second is 300.

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