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Note: This working group is jointly chartered by the Applications Area and the Transport Services Area.

The HTTP Working Group will work on the specification of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). HTTP is a data access protocol currently run over TCP and is the basis of the World-Wide Web. The initial work will be to document existing practice and short-term extensions. Subsequent work will be to extend and revise the protocol. Directions which have already been mentioned include improved efficiency, extended operations, extended negotiation, richer metainformation, and ties with security protocols.

Note: the HTTP working group will not address HTTP security extensions as these are expected to be the topic of another working group.

Background information

The initial specification of the HTTP protocol was kept in hypertext form and a snapshot circulated as an Internet draft between 11/93 and 5/94. A revision of the specification by Berners-Lee, Fielding and Frystyk Nielsen has been circulated as an Internet draft between 11/94 and 5/95. The working group expanded and completed that document to reflect HTTP/1.0 as it has been implemented by World-Wide Web clients and servers prior to November 1994. The resulting specification of HTTP/1.0 was published as an Informational RFC.

Subsequently, a revised protocol, HTTP/1.1, was published as a Proposed Standard. The working group is now considering clarifications, enhancements, to reflect implementation experience in a revised Draft Standard for HTTP.

Goals and Milestones

March 1997
Simple Hit-Metering as Proposed Standard
PEP as Proposed Standard.
Content negotiation suite as Proposed Standard(s), Feature Registration as BCP.
June 1997
Revised HTTP/1.1 draft as Draft Standard.

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