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Re: webmaster@website

From: Albert Lunde <albert-lunde@nwu.edu>
Date: Tue, 01 Apr 1997 9:17:34 CST
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To: amc@cs.berkeley.edu
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> The webmaster@website convention is falling out of use.  Has anyone
> considered making it a requirement for HTTP/1.1 compliance?  Is it too
> late to even be talking about this?

There is another RFC in process that was addressing commonly used
e-mail addresses like abuse@domain and webmaster@domain.

I don't recall where it stands with respect to standards-track
status and completion, but I think this question is
not so central to HTTP that this group should spend effort
on something being addresses elsewhere.

    Albert Lunde                      Albert-Lunde@nwu.edu
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