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RE: ID: Proxy autoconfig

From: Vinod Valloppillil <vinodv@microsoft.com>
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 1997 13:26:17 -0800
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	1. DHCP doesnt have a cross platform interface to its
	 option.  By using DNS, or even the raw SVRLOC multicast
	  its still a consistent and relatively easy implementation.

	Lack of API's on different platforms shouldn't be a reason to
pick one wire protocol vs. another.

	On windows, for ex., you can look at DHCP options quite easily
in the registyr but there aren't API's (yet) for querying RR's from the
DNS  (unless you want to count on NSLOOKUP output on the commandline)

	4. DNS is much more commonly deployed where the web clients are
		(its usually a necessity ), while DHCP seems to be
	 	popular on PCs

	There are thousands of small intranets that use DHCP for IP
addressing and NetBios broadcasts for name resolution.  PC's make up the
bulk of clients and a DHCP-solution solves more than half the case

	I'm not quite religious about this DHCP vs. DNS issue and it
might not be a bad thing to allow this info to be specified twice.
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