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New Issue: Incompatiblity between caching needs and persistant connections.

From: Natchu Vishnu Priya <vishnu@cs.iitm.ernet.in>
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 1997 16:09:16 +0530
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I have been studing the HTTP/1.1 specs and have noted with interest the
changes to HTTP/1.0 which formally define the requirements for agents,
to use peristant connections and caching.

There seems to be a certain incompatibility in the methods used to
achieve caching the ones to reduce latency and bandwitdh requirements by
the use fo persistant connections.

Put simply persistant connections require me to place all my related
documents, images, etc on a single comman server, while to facilitate
caching it might be very useful to use a comman url for inlaid images.

For example an entire university might use images located on a master
image server and use a single URL for refering to their emblem.

Also certain very comman images almost always exist in the cache (like
the icons used by the apache web server (for mime types..), etc)

Since caching still (and this is a real disappointment) depends on the
URL matching exactly and not on some new unique name space both the
requirements cannot be achieved concurrently.

I have a couple of suggestions for a new scheme which allows for the use
of the present URL scheme while still retaining the benefits of both
persistant connections and caching.

I don't think I have been particularly clear on the topics I have
mentioned but I don't hope the main point is noted.

I'll come up with a page that explains these is a better fashion, but
don't you all think this is an issue that has to be opened.


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