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Re: How to add new "protocols" ?

From: <touch@isi.edu>
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 97 10:43:59 PST
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> From: Hallam-Baker <hallam@ai.mit.edu>
> While I agree with some of Joe's points the multi-protocol nature of http
> is more than mere assertion. HTTP was running over DECnet back in 1992. If
> a protocol provides a stream oriented connection or a very large packet size
> it would be feasible to route http over it. The key is that the communication
> has to be reliable.

Let me be perhaps more clear.

The HTTP protocol *can* clearly run over any connection-oriented
reliable transport. I am not so sure about connectionless, but that

http:// is clearly well-defined, and should not be overloaded.
If HTTP over other protocols is desired, the URL should be
extended to allow the specification, or the protocol name changed
(http: to something else).

However, note that such changes require other possible extensions
to the URL, to allow arbirary names (with ":"'s inside the host
field), etc.).


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