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Re: Cookie Question

From: Rodent of Unusual Size <coar@decus.org>
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 1997 11:25:44 -0500
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rom the fingers of Koen Holtman flowed the following:
>Ari Luotonen:
>>> [Proxy Cookies]
>>> I was wondering if anyone else sees a value in such a 
>>> construct and if it should be pursued further.
>>We get a lot of requests for such a feature, and would be eager to
>>support it.
>I think that most of the applications you have in mind can also be
>implemented by using the IP address of the client as a persistent client
>identifier.  So a lack of proxy cookies may not be what is blocking these
>applications.  Or am I missing something?

    This only works if the ratio of client to IP address is 1:1.  That's
    probably fine for PC clients, but not a server system.  For a system
    with multiple clients (say, using X to get the browser display back
    to their desktops), this wouldn't do it - there'd be no way to tell
    the clients apart.

    Also, this makes no provision for limiting the persistence of the
    identifier.  What if it specifically *should* be limited to the
    lifetime of the browser session?

    #ken    :-)}
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