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Re: Netscape vs. Digest (?)

From: Michael Smith <ms@gf.org>
Date: Wed, 28 Aug 96 09:09 EDT
Message-Id: <m0uvkMg-000TYOC@www.gf.org>
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Lou Montulli <montulli@netscape.com> wrote:

>Before everyone gets angry at me, allow me to refute my
>own message.
>On the other hand Digest auth is *way*, *way* better than
>basic auth and can be put into place fairly easily by
>adding support in new clients and servers.  For that
>reason they are worth implementing even given the
>existance of certificates.

Well, I for one am *way* mollified by this statement. And
I'll be not only mollified, but will do public penance for 
my harsh words, if Mozilla and his seed declare unambiguously 
that they _will_ implement Digest. 

--Michael Smith
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