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Re: Conventions for Sharing User Agent Profiles

From: Robert A. Lentz <lentz@annie.astro.nwu.edu>
Date: Wed, 14 Aug 1996 14:54:14 -0500 (CDT)
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Shel Kaphan writes:
> There's trust, and then there's trust.  While I (browser user) may
> trust a browser vendor enough to give me a browser I can use safely
> without trashing my filesystem (e.g.), I (service provider) may not
> *believe* everything a browser vendor says about the capability of
> their browser.  For instance, a browser vendor might want to advertise
> they are fully compatible with the latest version of Netscape, when in
> fact, there are numerous niggly details about their rendering choices
> that are not done in the same way, and that might not even be noticed by
> the vendor themselves.

It would seem that a validation program is, at heart, necessary. I am
surprised W3C is not pressing forward on this issue before any further
HTML enhancements. I still find that current browsers cannot even handle
simple, non-trivial tables.

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