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Re: Size of the Spec Was:Re: Beyond 1.1

From: Martin Hamilton <martin@mrrl.lut.ac.uk>
Date: Sat, 10 Aug 1996 08:29:19 +0100
Message-Id: <199608100729.IAA04084@gizmo.lut.ac.uk>
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jg@zorch.w3.org writes:

| 2) are the sections actually separable.  The current document
| has many "see section xx.xx" cross references; I'm not sure
| such a spit is realistic, though I haven't examined it carefully.
| My gut reaction it is that it is not...

"See [document y]" perhaps ?  From the progress I've made so far (sorry 
- a week late already, sigh), this spl?it certainly seems to be more 
practical than the implementation/specification one.  Not surprising 
when you consider its origins ?

One possible advantage of splitting up would be that you could actually 
revise (obsolete? supercede?) individual bits without having to re-do 
the whole damn thing whenever you want to change part of it.  If you 
really are only revising just one aspect (e.g. cache-control features), 
you can have an effort which is focused on the problem, as opposed to a 
free-for-all on what features/changes people would like to see in the 
protocol ?

I suppose this approach has been taken with DNS, SMTP and PPP, to name 
but three.  Successfully ?  Hmm...

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