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Re: multi-host virtual sites for HTTP 1.2

From: Brad Block <bradb@s1.ganet.net>
Date: Sun, 14 Jul 1996 10:10:12 -0400 (EDT)
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First of all, I would like to take this time to express the
great relief I have found after reading through this list.  I
have been struggling with the task of automated server replication
and designing a mission-critical implementation of a web server
for quite some time.

During the period in which I have considered options, I have
concluded at least two important points which I have not
yet seen in this thread:

(BTW, I like the multiple "Link:" response solution and I
am basing my suggestions on it or a similair convention)

1.  Server replication must include link-state information
  - take it from the IP working groups who develop OSPF and
    other link-state aware protocols - no need to reinvent the
  - this could be implemented at both the server and browser
    level much like MX preference records are preassigned at
    the DNS level
  - accordingly, at the browser level or at some other authority,
    a table of information about candidate servers should be
    maintained for fast lookup with preferences accounting for
    everything from country codes to avg. response time
2.  Some authority other than http servers may be used
  - in order for the browser to retrieve the initial multiple
    "Link:" responses, it has to contact the only server it
    knows about - the primary original server indicated by
    the URL.  if that server is down or otherwise unable to
    communicate information about other "Link:"'ed replicated
    servers, then all efforts are lost
  - some kind of analogy can be drawn by understanding why
    multiple name servers should be placed on different physical
    networks so that loosing a single network will not render
    hosts actually located on different networks unresolvable

I look forward to replies and comments!

- Thank you!
Brad Block
Received on Sunday, 14 July 1996 07:30:06 UTC

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