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RE: short names for headers

From: Paul Leach <paulle@microsoft.com>
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 11:56:37 -0700
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I'm not sure. I have been thinking about it some, and have the following
preliminary observations:

1. It could only be used if you knew you were talking to a 1.2

2. A 1.2 proxy talking to a 1.1 or earlier application would have to

3. Signatures or hashes would have to be computed on the canonical, full
name, form.

I haven't seen any showstoppers yet to using it in 1.2. 

>From: 	Marc Salomon[SMTP:marc@ckm.ucsf.edu]
>Sent: 	Wednesday, July 10, 1996 11:35 AM
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>Subject: 	short names for headers
>from minutes, HTTP Working Group, IETF June 96, Montreal
>|Aug 1:   (Leach)   draft on sticky headers, short names for headers, and
>Can short names for headers (Good Idea) be compatible with existing practice
>HTTP/1.x or must it wait until 2.x?  Does allowing aliases for the names of
>header fields alter the general message parsing algorithm or message
>as specified in 3.1 of HTTP/1.1?
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