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Re: REVISED AGENDA for http-wg

From: Larry Masinter <masinter@parc.xerox.com>
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 1996 16:39:34 PDT
To: hardie@nasa.gov
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>  draft-trommler-http-ext-groups-00.txt

I've not had any indication that there was interest in pursuing this.
If someone asserts they would like to talk about this (you didn't),
I can put it on the agenda.

> I also notice that the agenda has us discussing some things which are
> potentially of impact to 1.1 (State Management and Authenitcation,
> Implementation guide) on the second day, after some 1.2 issues have
> been raised.  Is this to accomodate schedules?  If not, it makes sense
> to me to try to finish the 1.1 work as much as we can before going on
> to 1.2

I believe that, except for the "last minute" issues that have come up
during last call, we are done with HTTP/1.1, and we need to get on
with new business. The purpose for putting HTTP/1.1 on the agenda at
all is not to declare "open season" on the drafts, but to ensure
consensus on the handling of the issues that have already been raised
and dealt with in email.

If there are any other agenda topics about HTTP/1.1 that someone wants
to raise, please let us know now.

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