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Re: EDITs to 13.4.2, 14.9.5, and 14.45 (related to no-transform)

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Date: Fri, 07 Jun 96 12:07:14 -0400
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I've applied the edits in this message.  The Non-modifiable Headers
section now reads as follows.
			- Jim

13.4.2 Non-modifiable Headers

Some features of the HTTP/1.1 protocol, such as Digest Authentication,
depend on the value of certain end-to-end headers. A cache or
non-caching proxy SHOULD NOT modify an end-to-end header unless the
definition of that header requires or specifically allows that.

A cache or non-caching proxy MUST NOT modify any of the following
fields in a request or response, nor may it add any of these fields if
not already present:

 * Content-Location
 * ETag
 * Expires
 * Last-Modified 

A cache or non-caching proxy MUST NOT modify or add any of the
following fields in a response that contains the no-transform
Cache-Control directive, or in any request:

 * Content-Encoding
 * Content-Length
 * Content-Range
 * Content-Type

A cache or non-caching proxy MAY modify or add these fields in a response that does not include no-transform, but if it does so, it MUST add a Warning 14 (Transformation applied) if one does not already appear in the response.

Warning: unnecessary modification of end-to-end headers may cause authentication failures if stronger authentication mechanisms are introduced in later versions of HTTP. Such authentication mechanisms may rely on the values of header fields not listed here. 
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