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Last Call on SHTTP and SHTML

From: Paul Hoffman <paulh@imc.org>
Date: Tue, 4 Jun 1996 18:27:00 -0700
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Sorry to barge in on the HTTP/1.1 discussion, but I saw this on the WTS
mailing list and thought that the people here might be interested. Note
that the strong concerns that many people in the HTTP WG brought up in Los
Angeles are the "bureaucratic issues" noted here.

--Paul Hoffman
--Internet Mail Consortium

>From: Charlie_Kaufman/Iris.IRIS@iris.com
>To: wts-wg@palladium.corp.sgi.com
>Date:  4 Jun 96 16:39:12 EDT
>Subject: Last Call on SHTTP and SHTML
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>Two new drafts have been submitted to internet drafts which resolve the
>that remained at our last meeting. These were bureaucratic issues concerning
>how the relationship between the SHTTP and HTTP specs rather than technical
>issues that would affect bits on the wire.
>Since those were the only issues at the last meeting and no additional ones
>have been introduced on this list, I'm declaring a "working group last call"
>for the next two weeks on the documents with the intent of advancing them to
>Proposed Standard. Changes get harder from this point on, so speak up now!
>We are not scheduled to meet in Montreal, though if any issues are raised we
>may have an informal opportunity to resolve them there.
> --Charlie
> (charlie_kaufman@iris.com)
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