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Internet draft 04 available.

From: <jg@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 03 Jun 96 17:21:22 -0400
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Off the issues page
find Internet draft 04, which I am about to submit to the Internet
Drafts editor.  Paul Leach is generating the plaintext, which 
will be available later this evening, or tomorrow morning; 
at this instant, you'll only find the postscript and Word versions.

Larry and I have decided to go ahead and issue the draft as is,
in particular because there are still people looking at Draft 03, which
will just continue to confuse the world.   Some folks only work
from the ID directory.

We WILL issue a draft 5, if needed, to address the issues raised
by Roy today in his own inimitable style.

rom this point on, I'd like people to concentrate on substantive
issues (particularly those raised by Roy earlier today) rather than
word-smithing or terminology problems.  I do not want to introduce any
new problems in the document ("first, do no harm").  I also need
some time this week to pay my bills and do other things than fix
			- Jim Gettys
P.S. The postscript is still only single sided.  Sorry.  But it
is front to back this time :-).
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