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Re: Variant (was Rules for combining headers in a caching proxy...)

From: Koen Holtman <koen@win.tue.nl>
Date: Thu, 30 May 1996 09:30:04 +0200 (MET DST)
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To: Balint Nagy Endre <bne@carenet.hu>
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Balint Nagy Endre:
>Rober S. Tau:
>> My fairly quick read of the document thus far has left me with a few
>> more minor quibbles.  The definition of "variant" in section 1.3 is a
>> bit confusing --- the current text is:
>>   Each representation of that resource that corresponds to a different
>>   sequence of entities that could be returned for a requested resource
>>   is termed a variant.
>A was lost in that much thats, too.

I can't parse that text either.

>> This had me scratching my head for a bit (starting with "which
>> resource?") ---  perhaps something like:
>>   If multiple representations could be returned for a single requested
>>   resource, each such representation is termed a variant of that resource.
>> is simpler.  (Then again, perhaps it seems simpler to me because that's
>> the one which I wrote).
>And clear at first look even for me.

I also believe this rewrite is a correct description of the intended

>Andrew. (Endre Balint Nagy) <bne@bne.ind.eunet.hu>

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