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YA cookie draft, v2.21

From: Dave Kristol <dmk@allegra.att.com>
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 96 10:53:43 EDT
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The latest draft of the cookie spec. is at

The new version incorporates suggestions and corrections by Jeff Mogul,
Ted Hardie, and Koen Holtman, plus some slight rewording concerning
"minimum capabilities" prompted by several people.

You can get versions with change bars from either the I-D (v2.10)
or the previously announced draft (v2.16).

I'll extend the comment period to 2100 GMT, Thursday, April 25.  (Yes,
we're all busy with the HTTP draft.)  I believe we're close to
convergence anyway.

Dave Kristol
Received on Tuesday, 23 April 1996 08:03:46 UTC

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