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(CONTENT) draft wording for W.G. review

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JG CONTENTSection 3.5: Content codings: There are other new codings 
	supplied, e.g., CONDENSE. IANA registers these? If not, who?
        e.g. URL:ftp://prep.ai.mit.edu/pub/gnu not adequate for reference. 
        Status: not in 1.1, yank to separate document, 
	call for IANA to register. Maybe add CONDENSE. 
See http://www.ics.uci.edu/pub/ietf/http/draft-ietf-http-v11-spec-01.html#Content-Codings for this section.

I've had a conversation with Jon Postel (Mr. IANA) over this one.  He
says that the references as is in the document for gzip should be OK,
despite the lack of a document (though one is in internet-draft form).
Jon recommends staying away from the heavy-weight process that was
defined for MIME types, as it has generated much trouble since.  
So Roy's draft is close to enough.

The section does need to reference IANA to register future tokens.
IANA does need enough in the specification to understand if IANA 
should register future tokens, when requests come in.  I've drafted
a paragraph to cover this which is in the document below.
Note the "should" wording of documentation for future content-codings;
again, Jon recommended against absolute requirements, as such requirements
in MIME have generated much trouble since.

There is an internet draft describing gzip being written by
Peter Deutch; however, according to current IETF rules as I understand them, 
we cannot reference it except as a "work in progress" until it becomes an RFC.
I've sent mail to Peter to see what the likely outcome of his Internet
draft is.  Does anyone have any sort of reference for compress?
			- Jim

Proposed Resolution:

Section 3.5:
	Content coding values are used to indicate
	Content coding values indicate


	content-coding	= "gzip"|"compress"|token

	content-coding	= "gzip"|"x-gzip"|"compress"|"x-compress"|token

	Gzip is available from the GNU project at 


Add to section 3.5 (Content Codings):

HTTP defines a registration process which uses the Internet Assigned
Numbers Authority (IANA) as a central registry for content-coding value
tokens.  Additional content-coding value tokens should be registered
with the IANA beyond the "gzip", "x-gzip", "compress" and "x-compress" tokens
defined in this document.  To allow interoperability between clients
and servers, specifications of the content coding algorithms used
to implement a new value should be publically available and 
adaquate for independent implementation, and must conform to 
the purpose of content coding defined in this section.

Add to section 16: (References)

[gzip] 	Gzip is available from the GNU project at 
		<URL:ftp://prep.ai.mit.edu/pub/gnu/>, and a
		work-in-progress describes the gzip data format
		in detail.
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