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(RFC 1900) Consensus

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At the Los Angeles HTTP working group meeting, Brian Carpenter of the
IAB raised the issue of RFC 1900 and the use of IP addresses in URL's,
given the increasing of renumbering of networks.
I've also raised the issue with Dave Raggett to deal with in HTML,
where the problem is most visible.  I did a search on the document,
and there seems to be few references to IP addresses in the document
as is, but some warning is in order.

I do not expect that anyone will object to the following additional
wording to close out Brian's issue, so I'm going to try to close this
one in one message rather than two (objections to me, as Larry is not
back yet).  If I've missed somewhere else in the document, please let
me know.
				- Jim Gettys

Section 3.2.2: (Uniform Resource Identifiers). 

Add sentence:

The use of IP addresses in URL's should be avoided whenever possible 
[RFC 1900].

Section 16: (References)

[RFC 1900]
B. Carpenter, Y. Rekhter, 
<a href="http://info.internet.isi.edu:80/in-notes/rfc/files/rfc1900.txt">
Renumbering Needs Work</a>. RFC 1900, IAB, February 1996.
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