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Los Angeles scheduling..

From: Larry Masinter <masinter@parc.xerox.com>
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 1996 16:34:17 PST
To: http-wg%cuckoo.hpl.hp.com@hplb.hpl.hp.com
Message-Id: <96Jan10.163427pst.2733@golden.parc.xerox.com>
We need to plan for the March meeting in Los Angeles.
On the IETF agenda, are there any other working groups that we should
avoid cross-scheduling against?

Please send me any other candidates or requirements. This is what I
made up without any input:

  Must Avoid:
	html, wts, mimesgml

Should Avoid:
	asid, drums, dnsevolve, tcpfix, mailext

(Dave is still travelling, I believe, otherwise I'd get the last list
he used.)
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