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Re: Status of PUT?

From: Roger Gonzalez <rg@server.net>
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 1995 09:22:47 -0400
Message-Id: <199510161322.JAA00380@caffeine.server.net>
To: dl@hplyot.obspm.fr
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>>>>> Laurent Demailly writes:

Laurent> I have an implementation of an httpd using PUT (along with
Laurent> DELETE and a 'new' CHMOD method).

I also have a server that does PUT, DELETE, and the rest of the
lesser-used methods.  I ran into a similar need for a CHMOD-like
functionality, but I handled it in a more generic manner as a
MODIFY method, with a couple new header fields.  MODIFY is a lot
like HEAD, except that it -stores- the header info.  MODIFY lets
you rename a resource, change its access characteristics, change
its description, etc.  I use the same headers to initialize the
characteristics of a new resource.

For the record, headers that I have found useful include:

  X-Access: realm:flags,realm:flags,realm:flags

to initialize who can do what, and where.

  X-Description: blah blah blah

For the obvious reasons.

  X-Delete-after: Some Date

Because Expiration isn't defined to do what I need.  (I use this for
when the user (usually the user's application) is uploading a
temporary file.

Laurent> As a side note, I am using the following addition to the
Laurent> protocol : (is that worthing standardization ?)  new headers
Laurent> : "Control:" with keywords, I currently use "mode=[r-][w-]"
Laurent> read/delete mode which is use by clients in PUT or CHMOD to
Laurent> set/change modes

It strikes me that this would end up being a catch-all header.  I'd
rather see if we can come up with some more generic headers that would
correspond to the most common keywords that you are suggesting.

Laurent> "Content-Checksum:" with keyword "MD5=<hexasciimd5sum>"

I also use an optional checksum header.

Laurent> While I'm at it, I'd like to point out that lots of servers
Laurent> and client (like Mozilla on PCs and mac or CERN' server) 

I think that even the 2.0beta version of Netscape sends old-style


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