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Re: "Hits" pragma

From: Brian Behlendorf <brian@organic.com>
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 1995 18:06:54 -0700 (PDT)
To: Roy Fielding <fielding@beach.w3.org>
Cc: http wg discussion <http-wg%cuckoo.hpl.hp.com@hplb.hpl.hp.com>
Message-Id: <Pine.SOL.3.91.950814175527.5767Q-100000@eat.organic.com>
On Mon, 14 Aug 1995, Roy Fielding wrote:
> Servers have a right to know
>     # individuals
>     # hits
>     hit times
>     domains serviced
> per URL, but not e-mail addresses, machine names, or any other data
> that could be used to identify an individual.  Referer data must also]
> be optional.

Are you suggesting that servers only have a right to see aggregate 
statistics, and not per-request lists?  (i.e. "32 access of this url by 
23 different hosts", not "hosta, timestampa; hostb, timestampB;"... etc?
Also, how does the proxy determine "# individuals", or did you mean "# of 
different IP addresses serviced"?

> Like Andrew mentioned, this is best done by passing a URL to the
> origin server that tells it where it may retrieve a sanitized summary
> of the data.

I much prefer Buchard's model of sending it with the refresh request 
rather than forcing a separate transaction for the data.  If a separate 
request were made, the proxy not only has to make that data 
HTTP-accessible to the outside world (a problem for proxies behind 
firewalls) but also has to have some heuristics as to how long that data 
is around.  With compression it should not add significantly to the size 
of the request.


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