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HTTP protocol requirements (was: Draft Minutes of HTTP Working Group, 33rd IETF Meeting, Stockholm)

From: Paul Leach <paulle@microsoft.com>
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 95 15:23:20 PDT
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] DCE RPC has several other problems, the most important of which
] is that it isn't available universally, and very difficult to make it so
] quickly...

What's the problem here?  I thought the source code base was easily 
available. I understand that not all platforms already have it, but if 
it were part of the reference implementation of the browser that 
incorporated the next generation HTTP, I presume that that would 
quickly be a non-problem. (This is really an innocent question -- I 
have not followed the actual status of the "freely available" DCE RPC 
source code, and it would be entirely possible that I've been taken in 
by OSF hype...)

This should apply to any protocol/implementation we might choose, not 
just DCE. I wouldn't rule out any existing protocol or implementaiton 
just because it weren't widely deployed, if it otherwise met the requirements.

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