RE: HTTP-ng status

From: Mike Spreitzer (
Date: Wed, Oct 06 1999

From: "Mike Spreitzer" <>
To: "'Simon St.Laurent'" <>, <>
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 1999 10:36:44 PDT
Message-ID: <002001bf1021$5bdcdeb0$>
Subject: RE: HTTP-ng status

I've been discouraged by the degree to which the response has been mixed
thus far.  Although encouraged by seeing the occasional resonance in
various fora, I myself have decided to reduce my involvement to (1)
publishing what we've done and (2) focusing on the research problems
revealed by what we've done.  I myself am happy to see the list left
open for any discussion that should happen to ensue.

Speaking only for myself,
Mike Spreitzer ( (Xerox external) (Xerox internal)