Re: Drafting mux WG charter

From: Ben Laurie (
Date: Mon, Feb 22 1999

Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999 22:07:37 +0000
From: Ben Laurie <>
Subject: Re: Drafting mux WG charter wrote:
> > Firewalls rely on knowing where traffic is
> > going. A MUXed protocol is likely to require inspection of every byte to
> > do this, or at least, reconstruction of the stream, if it is to be
> > noticably different from using multiple connections. This will make
> > firewalling almost impossible in hardware, and resource-intensive in all
> > circumstances.
> My vision of the solution is essentially another layer of packetization.  That is, fixed-length headers that include payload byte counts.  This is the same story as appears at lower layers in the IP stack, and so should be no more difficult for a firewall to handle.

But you layer on top of TCP, so stream reconstruction will be required.
This makes it considerably harder to handle.




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