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Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2002 09:24:44 +1100
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ietf%2Dhttp%2Dng%2Dgoals%40w3%2EorgFrom a Friend
Thought you may be interested in how this company
markets its product . Reason - " They say sex sells
try selling it " . Also they are promoting it in a REALITY
TV project. ( www.missfleiss.com ) - Further they have
there own magazine ( www.highrollersmagazine.com.au )
They are using Gay Marketing techniques that created
advertising myths - " Disposable Dollar " . Target market
"Those who have money ". Plus major push into the world
of Millionaires and Models at www.millionairesandmodels.com.au
The people behind this company are a Marketing team and they
are now entering the world of magazines, TV and books. Plus 
they have created a strong Internet presence since 1994
You would be suprised about the background. Main Director
established Million Dollar gaming Companies.

One to watch! - check out there main site at 
call 02 93107044 and note how they conduct
their telemarketing approach

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